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WordPress Plugin made for All Bloggers!

Soren Jordansen, John Merrick & Cindy Battye earlier today launched their latest adventure – Covert Messenger’. It is a WordPress Plugin that gets you more Clicks and Better Conversions. It gives you the tools to create YOUR messenger ads for YOUR blog.

Here is the story…

A few months ago they developed the Covert Action Bar as a plugin for WordPress blogs. It was very popular. You can see the Covert Action Bar in action >on the top of my blog.

Since that product was so successful, they created their new product called the Covert Messenger. It has more features offering you a fuller range of messages you can use. It will be very popular too.

You can see the Covert Messenger at my blog on the bottom right.

Here is the important part for folks who might be a bit techie challenged just like me. With either product, Soren has an instructional video that gives you all the steps to in stall them on your WordPress Blog. I was able to have both products installed in just minutes. It is so simple.

Using either of these products allow YOU to create YOUR messenger ads and on what pages of your blog you want to show them. A Brilliant idea!

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    Brian Lathe Says:

    Hi Tony: Excellent information. I have put WP Facebook Comments on my blog. Two plugings. One installs the Facebook Comments. The other indexes them into your WP database, which makes your comments searchable (SEO). With those two plugins in place, you can then disable normal WP comments (which is what you have now). The benefit of having WP Facebook Comments, is that you get the little Facebook picture attached to each commenter (with a link to their FB profile) – gives them social benefit to comment on your blog. And they can choose to post their comment to their own Facebook Wall/Timeline, which makes your blog go viral (a link to your blog is attached).

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