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What Makes a ‘Bad’/’Good’ Traffic Exchange? – Part I

The number of fly-by-night, ill managed, nondelivery of hits traffic exchanges is hitting a raw nerve with a group of owners with well managed traffic exchanges. Rightfully so, these good owners see a growing damage done by these poorly managed exchanges to the reputation of traffic exchanges as an effective advertising medium.

Jon Olson started the discussion in his SWAT Traffic Exchange conference room. All upgraded member of SWAT traffic exchange have access to the room. Jon continued the discussion in his newsletter, HitExchangeNews.

Micahel Coursey, the owner of HelpHits and MajorLeagueHits traffic exchanges, went into some detail in an email to his members. The email gives some good advice on how to choose which exchanges to use. It is quoted in part below.

“If you are wondering whether or not to spend a lot of time surfing
at an exchange, here is my short list of things to consider:

– Size of membership- more members mean more people to see your
opportunity, therefore, more potential customers.

– Membership growth- this is a measure of how well the exchange is
doing to attract a larger audience for you to advertise to!

– Site design- While not a complete measure of how well a site can do
for you, it shows that the ownership is willing to invest money into
their business and make the site attractive and appealing. A good
site design is an indicator that the owner is in it for business and
not a hobby, therefore, they are more likely to provide you a good

– Take the 7-day test- This is MY litmus test to determine if an
exchange is delivering traffic in any quantity I might consider good.
Surf the site until you have built up 100 HITS (note that 1 credit
does not always equal 1 hit at every exchange). Assign all of those
hits to 1 URL. If you come back in 7 days and all of those hits have
not been delivered, I HIGHLY recommend you take your business somewhere
else. 100 hits in 7 days is about 14 hits per day. You can`t build
any kind of business with traffic flow that low unless it is LASER-TARGETED.”

Bad traffic exchanges also hit a nerve with Tim Linden, the owner of StartXchange Traffic Exchange. In his latest blog entry he announces a series on ‘How to spot a bad traffic exchange’.

I might even add a comment about a petpeeve of mine. Many traffic exchange downline builders contain traffic exchanges that I consider to be less then desirable. I would urge all owners to review their downline builder and really take a hard look at the exchanges they contain. If a traffic exchange is not delivering 100 hits a week, DELETE IT!

I encourage you to leave you comments. More to come!

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8 Responses to “What Makes a ‘Bad’/’Good’ Traffic Exchange? – Part I”

  1. 1
    Michael Coursey Says:

    Hi Tony,

    I remember your comment about what exchange owners may have in their downline builders and I will be looking through HelpHits for certain to comb out poor quality sites. I allow every member to make 1 downline contribution to the downline builder at HelpHits, but I have final say in what gets put there.

    Mike Coursey

  2. 2
    Peter Ackerson Says:

    The absolute worst TE sites for us is ones that never respond to emails, questions or the like. Why be in business if your not there to help your customers? One in particular we have emailed a dozen times and never
    received a response. He was of course deleted. We surf in a given week approx. 45 different exchanges and have added or deleted a dozen more. We are upgraded at many but there are others that are not worth your money. Surf free for awhile before upgrading to see if the administrator really is running the TE or is it running itself? As Tony said, less than 100 hits a week? Can it.

  3. 3
    Ron Chaney Says:

    Hey Tony,

    Great post, and a very good start to a conversation that is long over due in the arena of exchange owners and loyal members.
    I agree That The #1 component of a great exchange is a great exchange owner.

    As a member of over One Hundred exchanges(active in about 65),My list of “Pet Peeves” is to long to list, but My number One is,exchange owners that won’t take out the trash. What I mean by this is:
    Popups that have to be clicked out of before you can surf the next site. I call these software programs “Browser Spam”. (Bubonic,Liveagent,Smartagent,etc)

    These programs have become so rampant, that its made me have to start to cull some of the exchanges that I surf.

    Ron Chaney

  4. 4
    Tony Tezak Says:

    Hi Mike, Peter and Ron

    Thanks for your comments. You will see further postings on this subject.



  5. 5
    Harry Nguyen Says:

    I’m bummed I missed that S.W.A.T conference. I agree 100% with the setiment, It’s high time we weed out the negative influences of Traffic exchange.


  6. 6
    Cindy Battye Says:

    Some nice points in there Mr T 🙂

    I agree with Peter, and will make sure that the admin is active at an exchange before spending money there. Sometimes it can also be good to submit a support ticket about something at random, just to check the activity of the support team – how helpful and responsive – AND active they are!


  7. 7
    Tony Tezak Says:

    Hi Cindy and Harry

    Both of you are good examples of owners who have battled to the top. TrafficBunnies and SavvyClicks, both using the Walker script, are at the top because of your efforts. A big thumbs up to the both of you!



  8. 8
    Spotting Bad Traffic Exchanges Part 6: Where are the Hits? | Tim Linden Blog Says:

    […] next thing to notice is the volume of traffic. The number of hits per URL you are receiving. Tony Tezak recommends deleting any exchange that can’t deliver 100 hits in a week. I agree with him on this one. It […]

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