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Traffic, tweaking and Improving your new list building system

Mike Paetzold back again for my final day here at Tony Tezak Say… Next week The Old Bald Guy’s Blog Tour will be moving on and you can follow the complete tour on Squidoo at The Old Bald Guy’s Blog Tour.

Thanks to all for your attention why I have been here now let get to it.

First a quick review of how we are creating our list building system.

  • Day 1 – We discussed why you need a list
  • Day 2 – We discussed what you are going to sell to those subscribers
  • Day 3 – We discussed enticing people to subscribe
  • Day 4 – We discussed the 3 page web site for building your list

Now it is time to start sending traffic. Notice that traffic comes at the end once you have built a system and is not where you start.

Before we start on traffic though it is important that you are tracking your results. The reason is very simple. Even after creating over a 100 list building systems they rarely work right from the start.

You will need to keep adjusting things as you go and consistently improving things to get the best results. If you are not tracking and split testing your results you will probably become quite frustrated and probably tell me I am full of you know what when you try list building.

You can get more information on how to do this with my ebook “Tracking Your Way To Profits“.

Now to traffic. Back on day 2 when you were deciding what to sell you were checking where your potential subscribers hang out. Now to go back to these places to start generating traffic.

Below are some ways to get traffic but you need to match these sources to your ideal prospect from the information you generated during your research phase.

Traffic exchanges – This is probably the most used by readers of this blog as Tony is well known as the ultimate surfer before he moved to the dark side 😉 and created his own traffic exchange Tezak Traffic Power.

Because people using traffic exchanges are primarily interested in promoting there stuff these work best when you are offering something that will help them do just that or make more money from what they are currently doing.

Safelists and List Builders – Very similar to traffic exchanges in that the users are interested primarily in promoting their own stuff. You need to be appealing to the same emotions as when you use the traffic exchanges.

JV Giveaways – These can be a great way to drive traffic and there are giveaways that target a variety of niches so if you can get in one that matches your niche they will work quite well. You can use some of the free resources like safelists, list builders and traffic exchanges to drive traffic if you have not got enough subscribers because these work because everybody promotes each other.

Forums – Being active in forums and using a signature file that links to your list building system can be very effective. Some forums offer banner advertising that can be very inexpensive and creating banners that link to your squeeze page can be very effective.

Article Marketing – This is a great way to drive traffic by linking to your squeeze page from your signature file but it takes more than one or two articles. I have one system that uses this for a traffic source and now that I have 20 articles targeted to various keywords it generates one subscriber a day and the results have doubled each month but it took 3 months of being consistent to get there.

Blogs – This is one of my favorites but it is like article marketing in that you need to have a large amount of targeted content but the conversions can be excellent. The best way to do this is through using pop ups or slide ins on your blog. The light box pops work best for most of my niche blogs but not all of them.

Email Swaps – Now these are one of my favorites but you can not use them until you have a subscriber base. You do not need a huge list because you can find other small list owners that will send your offer to their list and you send their offer to yours. This can be done once you get to 500 subscribers.

That gives you a variety of free/low cost traffic sources. Test your system and keep improving things. It takes time and effort but a responsive email list can repay you over and over again.

The key is to make sure that you actually take action. Understand that you will never get it perfect so get it done and improve it as you go.

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