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Things are Rocking! Gobble, Gobble, Gobble

With the Dragon getting new Makeup, things are Rockin!

Dragon Surf is on a new script, got a new look and got some new features! It has over 90,000 members and growth will explode!

Dragon Surf is Reborn!

Dragon Surf went dark yesterday so we could implement all the awesome changes and make the Dragon Surf you know and love even BETTER!

Everyone who was a current member of Dragon Surf as of the end of Saturday, has the opportunity to GAIN Elite Partner Status during our “Rebirth” of Dragon Surf. Our “Rebirth” of Dragon Surf will
run from November 18th, today, to December 18th.

What does Elite Partner get you? This is awesome. I am getting chills getting ready to say it…

The Chance to Earn BIG!

Elite Partners will EARN 40% commissions on upgrades if they are Free Members and 60% commissions on upgrades if they are Upgraded members(Now would be a good time to make sure you are upgraded)
until December 18.

How do you get Elite Partner Status for the Rebirth Period?

Get 10 Referrals before December 18th. That’s ALL You have to do.

Are you Ready to be an ELITE Partner? Make sure you are advertising Dragon Surf today on its rebirth!

Commando Surf Mega Bonus!

We know how much you missed Commando Surf yesterday, and we promised that it would be back, so we’re kicking off the rebirth of Dragon Surf with 125% Commando Surf at a bunch of exchanges! Grab yourself a massive amount of traffic today when you Go Commando today! Kick off your week the right way and help us celebrate Dragon Surf’s rebirth!

New to Commando Surf…Start Here!

Get the most out of your surfing, and see where else you can earn yourself an extra 125% today! Commando Surf Daily Bonuses
Gobble, Gobble…There it Goes!

There’s a turkey loose and boy does he have some goodies to share! Find the Turkey (it’s just like the Leprechaun) and enjoy all the extra holiday bonuses and prizes that are just waiting for you!

We will be giving out Nickels and Dimes EVERY DAY! AT Fast Easy Traffic , Traffic-Splash , Dragon Surf and Tezak Traffic Power!

You can Win by finding turkeys or referring someone who finds a turkey.
Works for existing members too, IF you refer a an existing member to surf, and they find a turkey you win the same prize they won!
This awesome event is sponsored by TE Command Post!

Use the link below to get in on the fun, just add YOUR TE Command Post username to re-brand the links on the page!

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