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The 3 page web site for building your list

Mike Paetzold back for day 4 of The Old Bald Guy’s Blog Tour. Hope you are enjoying my visit I have enjoyed providing some great information to move your business forward.

Before we start a quick review…

  • Day 1 – We discussed why you need a list
  • Day 2 – We discussed what you are going to sell to those subscribers
  • Day 3 – We discussed enticing people to subscribe

Now that all the groundwork is laid today we will discuss the pages you need to create to start your list building efforts. Now if you do not have a website of your own I am going to make a very strong recommendation that you get one.

Without your own hosting you can not properly monetize your signup process and after all if you are going to put in the effort don’t you want to take advantage of all the monetization you can get.

If you do not have webhosting I recommend you go clikc on the little banner on the right for Zoot Host. You can get everything you need and great service from Jon Atwood and you can reward Tony for all the quality information he supplies here at the same time. Nuff said.

You need 3 pages in your signup process.

  • Squeeze page
  • Thank you page
  • Download page

The process works like this. You send traffic to the squeeze page. Once they sign up they are redirected to the thank you page which explains how to whitelist your email address and that they need to confirm their email address before they get what you promised. Once they click the confirmation link from your autoresponder they go to the download page.

Squeeze Page

This is your offer that will convine people to give you their email address and permission for you to send them email. Now I could do two weeks of blog posts on just creating a quality squeeze page but there is not room to do that here. You must always remember though that you are telling your potential what’ in it for them. Quite truthfully they do not care about you they want to know what benefit they get for filling out the form.

If that benefit is stronger in their mind then the thought of allowing you to have their email address they will fill the form in. You can help alleviate that concern by having a privacy policy and contact information because it makes you more trustworthy.

Thank You Page

This page is where you can begin to monetize the process but first and foremost you need to explain that they need to whitelist your email and click a confirmation link before they will get whatever the item is that you offered.

Next one thing that I have found that increases the number of subscribers you get is to have a second chance opt in box on the page. The reason is simple. Have you ever just filled out a form with garbage details to grab the gift? Come on I have and you probably have too.

That one thing according to my stats on some pages adds 25% more subscribers to my list. Because I made it easy if they still want the gift they will now give me a good email address.

Finally there are ways that you can monetize this page. Create steps and ask people to follow all the steps.

  • Step 1 – Whitelist this email
  • Step 2 – Click the confirmation link
  • Step 3 – Send them to a related offer
  • Step 4 – Give them a bonus – Any membership site that you may belong to that has a free front end with an oto usually has a thank you page ad.

This page now increases your potential subscribers because you explained the process and you have a chance to make commission on the offers you presented in the process and if they gave you a bogis email they have a second chance to sign up.

Note: You can do this without these pages if you do not have a webhost because they will send them to generic pages but you will miss these chances to earn money. One OTO sale on one free to join site can easily cover the costs of your hosting for the month.

Download Page

Here is where you will give your new subscriber what you offered along with any instructions they need to use it.

Once again it is easy to monetize this page through the same step process as you used on your thank you page. Something like this works quite well.

  • Step 1 -Download your gift by clicking here
  • Step 2 – You may need a pdf reader get it here or anything else like a zip extractor that they will need.
  • Step 3 – Make a related product or affiliate offer
  • Step 4 – Another free bonus that has the potential to reward you

Those are the basics and if you set these pages up properly and you have the right offers this can allow you to make 50 cents or more on average per subscriber before they have even gotten your first email. If you do not have a webhost you can still build your list but at even 25 cents a subscriber the additional revenue will cover your hosting costs and add a few bucks to your pocket on just 100 subscribers a month.

Want to see the whole process first hand and example pages. Here is a page that I used in ad swap with a friend of mine. Sign up and pay attention as you go to through the process. Once you reach the end if you do not want to hear from me just click the unsubscribe link in the first email. Subscribe here

Tomorrow the discussion will turn to how to generate traffic to your new list building system. See you then.

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