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Tezak Traffic Power’s 7th Anniversary Celebration

Tezak Traffic Power, a manual traffic exchange, celebrates its 7th Anniversary on July 9th. We celebrate every day during July.

We now have over 120,000 members. So we have grown by 9,000 members in the past year. Excellent Growth! So many Tezzers are responsible for the growth. I appreciate every one of you. Also, in the past year your activity has kept us in the Top 10 for another year at most of the Major TE Rankers. Again! Thank You! 🙂

*Celebration Surfing Events

We are doing surfing events with lots of different traffic exchanges and Command Surf TEs during July. We like dealing with everyone in the TE World. CLICK HERE for the complete schedule.

In addition to all of the Prizes included in these surf events, on our Bonus page every day in July will be…

**50 Winners of $0.07 Cash, 77 Credits, 77 Banners, 77 Texts, 77 List Ads

*KRM Traffic Exchanges Heatwave for Cash!

On the 8th, 9th, 10th, 11th and 12th of July all of the KRM traffic exchanges will join us in celebration with the Heatwave for Cash.

Find the Heatwave Page for Cash!
Tezak Traffic Power, Traffic-Splash, Dragon Surf, Fast Easy Traffic

Each TE 200 Nickels and 100 Dimes given randomly each day.

If you find the Heatwave Claim page, it HAS to give you one of its prizes and yes, you can find it more than once! Just keep your eyes out for it! But don’t go yet here’s how you can win even MORE! Bring Your Friends And Get MORE!

There is strength in numbers, and when you get your friends hunting the Heatwave Claim Page with you you’ll get the same prizes they get every time THEY find the Heatwave Claim Page! Just use your special link provided below to convince your friends to come join the hunt and watch how fast the prizes start stacking up! Find the Heatwave Claim Page as many as you can!
The Heatwave Claim Page is shown RANDOMLY – we like to keep you guessing! So keep your eyes peeled and don’t miss out!

PLUS, Social Shindigs and Zubees

*TE Command Post’s Commando Surf

July 3rd, 17th and 31st are Commando Surf 100% Give it your all Sundays.

You can find all of the participating TEs at this link…

*Celebration Prizes for Referring New Members

We will have a Referral Contest that starts on July 1st and runs through July 31st. Refer at least one member to be eligible for these Prizes. Each member you refer gets you one ticket into the random draw. The more referrals you have the more tickets you have in the draw. All Cash Prizes will be added to your Tezak Traffic Power Account. There will be 42 Winners in all!

**10 Winners of $15.00
**10 Winners of a 2-month Power Pro Tezzer II Upgrade
**10 Winners of 1 ACTIVE Referrals
**10 Winners of 1000 Credits, 1000 Banner, 1000 Text, 1000 List Ad

Plus, if you finish in the top 50 referrers there will be a drawing…
*2 Winner of $50.00

You can follow our member count and see who is in the top 50 for referrals. Starting July 1st, Just click on ‘Contests’ on our menu in the members area.

**IMPORTANT** I don’t like mentioning this but someone will try to game the referral contest. It always happens. PAID TO SIGNUP Referrals ARE NOT ALLOWED in this Referral Contest. Prizes will be awarded for active referrals only. Active is joined, verified their account, surfed some and have at least a url being advertised.

All Prizes will be awarded on August 2, 2015. I will manually verify all referrals before awarding Prizes.

Good Luck! This should be fun!

*Celebration Splash Page and Banner

To assist you in advertising Tezak Traffic Power we have a Celebration Splash page for you to use. You can find it on the Promo Tools page…
Just replace ‘ttiger’ with your username.

We also have a special Banner you can use –

*Celebration Special Offers

During July there will be daily Login Offers for…
Monthly Upgrades for all of our Membership Levels – HUGE Savings! The Login Offers will be a side by side comparison of each of our membership levels.

Just log into you account each day to see these special offers. When you login each day don’t forget to claim your 10 Credits on the “Winners‘ page.

Do come and join us in our month-long celebration.

4 Responses to “Tezak Traffic Power’s 7th Anniversary Celebration”

  1. 1
    Helen M. Gunter Says:

    If I can get one you can get one

  2. 2
    Tony Tezak Says:

    @Helen M. Gunter – Yes, It only takes one referral to be be a winner in our draws!

  3. 3
    Scott Rohn Says:

    Congratulations Tony 7 years is along time compared to how long other Te’s have lasted. I hope TTP is around many more years. It has become of my favorite TE’s. And I also did a blog post about the 7 year anniversary which you can check out by clicking on my name

  4. 4
    Tony Tezak Says:

    I read the blog post and loved it! Thanks for being an active member of our TE!

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