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Starting a list? What are you selling?

Mike Paetzold back once again as your guest blogger here at Tony Tezak Says… Thanks to those who commented yesterday. One of the things I will be doing as I travel across the blogosphere on The Old Bald Guy’s Blog Tour will be to give things away. Commenting is the best way to win one of these things.

Now back to the topic of the week –List Building.

First let me clear a hurdle that may have upset some of you. You see lots of offers online that all you need to do is join here and you will be rich – no selling necessary. Nobody makes any many unless something gets sold and everyone of you sells every day.

I can hear you right now. That Old Bald Guy is nuts.  I never sell anything and never could. Everyone sells.

When my kids were younger every night I would sell them on why it was bedtime and they would sell me on why it wasn’t. Your better half ever ask you to do something you really didn’t want to do? Didn’t both of you sell the other on why your side was right? You either bought the idea or you sold yours. So you will need something to sell.

Selling does not have to used car salesman in your face type of thing but you are always persuading others to take an action (for those that don’t like the s-word.

Here is the one thing that steps up and bites you in the lower region all the time,  yet so many new people and even not so new people skip this step.

Plan out what you are going to promote first…

To create a profitable list building system (and who wants one that isnt?)  you need to know what the end result you are looking for is. When you build a list building system you build it backwards. Things are much easier when you have already planned out what you are going to persuade/sell others to do.

It does you no good to get a list of subscribers that are not interested in what you sell.

Now I have a lot of products about WordPress, blogging and Web 2.0 strategies to help your blogging. If I built a list of people interested in pay per click marketing and sent them information about blogging and Web 2.0 what is going to happen?

Well, they will probably unsubscribe or ignore me and they definitely won’t be buyers for what I am selling as that is not where their wants are.

While we are doing this planning the next thing we need to know is where can I reach the people that want my product.

Now if you open a hamburger stand and have the worlds best burgers (think 5 Guys, mmm) but you open it in a vegetarian community where no one eats meat how many people will frequent your restaurant. Your product is the absolute best burger in the world but vegetarians don’t want it.

So once you have your items that you are looking to promote (for those that dont like the sell word) you need to look for where those hungry meat eaters hang out so you can put your hamburger stand where they see it. One of the best tools for this is a site called Quantcast. Just go there and fill in the url of the products you are going to promote and you will get some great information on who visits their site and more.


Now that you have found products and know a bit about the target audience tomorrow I will show you how to use that to build your list.

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