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WOW! Absolutely Great Deals for you!

Welcome to the first ever AKH Winter Sale.

Robert Puddy, Paul Kinder, and Josh Abbott decided to warm up your winter
with huge bargains on four of their top service programs. Programs that are
all designed to help you grow your business the fastest easiest way possible.

Affiliate Funnel
Instant Banner Creator
Instant Squeeze Page Generator
TE Command Post

There is something for every budget in this sale and we truly hope this helps you grow your business bigger and better than ever!



Webinar Replay

Affiliate Funnel Webinar Replay

You’ve heard me talk about the Affiliate Funnel Webinars for years. It is the place to be every Saturday, but of course there are times we all can’t make it. No Problem!

Marci Jones has done a bang up job bringing us new content every week, We have plans to make it even better – we don’t know exactly what they are yet but they’ll be exciting lol
You can find recordings of the webinars – You can even find recordings when Paul Kinder gave the training, many moons ago!

Affiliate Funnel: The Free Treasure Trove of Training!


I want to Apologize…

I do apologize for all the problems we been having at Tezak Traffic Power.

I am not a technical person, but the way I understand things – Our script is built on 10 year old technology and when we try updating necessary things it goes Kauput. : ) Josh Abbott is feverishly working to patch things up until we can transfer to the LFMTE script. We do appreciate your patience and sticking with us while we get things done.

One of the things we have not been able to do the past couple of day is use our mailer. Again, Josh is working on it. We really do not know if it will be fixed by tomorrow or not. So Mark suggested I do a blog post to let folks know what is happening. Mark is always thinking! 🙂 I do miss sending out emails to our members. I have always found that our surfing is much better on the days that we mail.

So, Tomorrow is Commando Surf 35% at Tezak Traffic Power. Just surf Tezak Traffic Power and Traffic-Splash.

Here is some stuff yuou missed… 🙂

Everyday Essentials…

Join us in our New Skype Room! Chat with us and network with other members,

It’s also a great day to get your Commando Surf on. Grab yourself an extra 10% credits per click when you Go Commando today. It’s the fast and easy way to earn more traffic in less time!

New to Commando Surf…Start Here

What is Simple Mail Builder?

It’s a unique mailer downline builder with a FREE Ebook attached. Inside you will find tips and tricks for organizing your marketing mailers. You will learn about the different types of mailers. You will have access to Top Rated Mailers all in one place.

The best part is, by using the Simple Mail Builder System, you can build downlines at all the mailers inside by promoting ONLY 1 Link! That is the beauty of downline builders. And, let me tell you folks, THEY WORK!

Join for free and grab you free ebook!

If you are interested, you can rebrand the ebook just like I have! The OTO you see when you join is mighty fine!


It Disappears at Tezak Traffic Power!

Effective January 2nd, 2017, Tezak Traffic Power will no longer offer the Special Tezzer III Upgraded level.

All current subscriptions and Lifetime Upgrades will remain in effect.

We want to offer you one last opportunity to grab this Special Tezzer III upgrade before it disappears from our site. You SAVE 50%!

You’re Special Tezzer III Upgrade and its Benefits will never expire as long as your monthly subscription remains active! You can GRAB this monthly upgrade for ONLY $3.00!

This offer expires at Midnight CST, January 2nd 2017! Yes, the Special Tezzer III Upgrade level disappears from our site – FOREVER!

GRAB the Offer NOW!


Lots of Good Information!

Lots of good information for you from Tezak Traffic Power land!

Winners Quest…

Did you know you can log into your TTP account, go to the Winners page, and Claim a Prize of 10 credits? Just for logging into your account! Pretty Simple! Just Do It! 🙂

What’s a Winners Quest? Simply put, it’s a whole series of prizes. When you claim your first prize you just might qualify for an even bigger prize and we’ll tell you there and then, on your winning page, how to become an even bigger Winner. You will get no other warning so stay alert and don’t miss out!


You can always chat with Paul and me to give us your thoughts and answer your questions in our brand new skype room.


You will miss lots if you don’t check out Paul Kinder’s blog and subscribe for updates. All the best people are joining… Paul’s blog


December 22nd thru December 26th KRM’s Find Santa for Cash!

Tezak Traffic Power, Dragon Surf, Traffic-Splash, Fast Easy Traffic Look for Santa Every day at all four exchanges – it will be hoarding coins – Dimes and Nickels!

If you find Santa, he HAS to give you one of his prizes and yes, you can find it more than once! Just keep your eyes out for it! But don’t go yet here’s how you can win even MORE! Bring Your Friends And Get MORE!

There is strength in numbers, and when you get your friends hunting Santa with you you’ll get the same prizes they get every time THEY find Santa! Just use your special link provided below to convince your friends to come join the hunt and watch how fast the prizes start stacking up! Find as many Santas as you can!

Santa appears RANDOMLY because we like to keep you guessing! So keep your eyes peeled and don’t miss out!

*PLUS, Social Shindigs – means extra credits with each click!

JAC Traffic’s Find A Secret Santa Claim Page

Tezak Traffic Power, Dragon Surf and Traffic-Splash are participating.
Find the Secret Santa Page by surfing 40 to 50 pages at any of the participating exchanges. Then, if you want an extra holiday present. Just complete the surfers challenge to receive a follow-up present.

WooHoo! Upgrades!

We have three excellent upgrade deals for you. Just in time to kick start your business for the New Year.Take a serious look…

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