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Looking for a way to advertise your business?

If you’ve been looking for a way to advertise your business in a way that actually generates high quality traffic and new customers, IntelliBanners is just what you’ve been looking for.

Banner advertising is a powerful tool. Banners can increase logo recognition, promote brand awareness, and generate leads. However, trying to manage, track, and update your banner campaigns at difference sources can be a difficult task. IntelliBanners consolidates all your banner ads into one intelligent banner rotator. You can add, update, and remove banners from your account instead of trudging around to individual programs to do it manually.

I have used IntelliBanners in traffic exchanges and mailer for years.

If you upgrade, you’ll also get traffic from its coop. I been upgraded at IntelliBanners for years. My banners get around 300 views per day without any effort on my part.

My Banners receive around 300 views a day through the coop.



List Building Made EASY!

Building a list is an essential part of internet marketing…
the problem facing most marketers isn’t just learning what to do…
but how to build a list!

You know you need to set up a landing page, create a follow up series and offer something for people to subscribe…but how do you do it without all the tech stuff getting in the way.

Introducing Instant Squeeze Page Generator

It really is a simple point and click list building solution with their system all you have to do is…

1. Choose the product you want to use as a lead magnet, and ISPG will actively create a high converting squeeze page so you won’t fumble around and make rookie mistakes.

2. ISPG will then Create your lead magnet page, follow up series and upsells using bold original graphics designed to make your squeeze page POP with all the product delivery hosted by them. So you don’t have to create a store or deliver any products at all.

3. All you have to do is copy and paste the url of your newly created lead capture page, into your preferred advertising system and copy and paste each of the emails directly into your autoresponder of choice.

All the code creation, designing and writing techy stuff will all be done by them and comes with free digital product hosting and delivery.

Even the upsell products are hosted and maintained by them, and the sales payments from the sales funnel go directly to your Paypal account, just like they were you own products.

Instant Squeeze Page Generator really is the holy grail of list building!

Personally, I have two Instant Squeeze Page Generator list building campaigns running. go ahead and take a look…



Where Business Meets Baseball!

Three folks who I have known for several years…
Tom Wacker, Janelle Pineau and Boris Petricevic…
All are long time surfers who are opening their traffic exchange – Major League Advertising!

A huge part of Major League Advertising is their undeniable passion for baseball. They created a very unique platform that brings baseball and business together by designing a custom baseball game that is highly addictive and loads of fun!

I was able to beta test the Baseball Game and it is really KEWL!

They actually rewards your personal growth & development through their unique loyalty program! My Favorite Part!

Tom, Janelle and Boris are folks of integrity and a great work ethic that will insure an ever improving traffic exchange. It’s going to be a BIG HIT!

You are invited to Opening Day at Major League Advertising!
Let’s Play Ball!


WOW! Absolutely Great Deals for you!

Welcome to the first ever AKH Winter Sale.

Robert Puddy, Paul Kinder, and Josh Abbott decided to warm up your winter
with huge bargains on four of their top service programs. Programs that are
all designed to help you grow your business the fastest easiest way possible.

Affiliate Funnel
Instant Banner Creator
Instant Squeeze Page Generator
TE Command Post

There is something for every budget in this sale and we truly hope this helps you grow your business bigger and better than ever!



Webinar Replay

Affiliate Funnel Webinar Replay

You’ve heard me talk about the Affiliate Funnel Webinars for years. It is the place to be every Saturday, but of course there are times we all can’t make it. No Problem!

Marci Jones has done a bang up job bringing us new content every week, We have plans to make it even better – we don’t know exactly what they are yet but they’ll be exciting lol
You can find recordings of the webinars – You can even find recordings when Paul Kinder gave the training, many moons ago!

Affiliate Funnel: The Free Treasure Trove of Training!

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