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Lead Crusader the Traffic Coop

I joined Lead Crusader the traffic coop on December 10th, 2011. Want you to know I use it.

My site using the traffic coop has received 6143 views from 54 different traffic sources. All the traffic sources are good ones and are not concentrated in any one. I have been quite satisfied with the traffic.

Lead Crusader is owned by Sean Supplee. Sean shows you where and how much traffic comes from each source in the members area. I may be wrong, but I think it is the only main traffic coop that gives you that information. Like any traffic source I do recommend you use a tracker to verify any traffic. :) Just good business.

Sean just announced that he will also start purchasing Start Pages at various traffic exchanges as another source of traffic for his traffic coop. I personally know of several top traffic exchanges where Sean has subscriptions for monthly credits for his traffic coop. So it seems that Sean is committed to delivering quality traffic to his Lead Crusader customers.

A traffic coop like Lead Crusader is a great way to brand yourself, build your list using a squeeze page or directing people to a particular program using a splash page.

If you join and I do recommend it, You’ll want to pay very close attention to Sean’s three OTOs you will see. They are real bargains for some long term quality traffic.

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3 Responses to “Lead Crusader the Traffic Coop”

  1. 1
    Sean Supplee Says:

    Tony thanks for the props here on your blog its always a pleasure doing business with people who get it :)

    As the coop continues to grow I will be adding more and more traffic sources always making sure you get the best quality traffic and results for your pages.

    Wishing everyone a successful 2012 online venture!

  2. 2
    Tony Tezak Says:

    Hi Sean, Thanks for stopping by! I am more than satisfied with the traffic received from your traffic coop. :) Cheers! ony

  3. 3
    Phyllis Says:

    Hi Tony,

    A quick refresher on the difference between a squeeze page and a splash page?

    Thanks, Phyllis

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