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I want to Apologize…

I do apologize for all the problems we been having at Tezak Traffic Power.

I am not a technical person, but the way I understand things – Our script is built on 10 year old technology and when we try updating necessary things it goes Kauput. : ) Josh Abbott is feverishly working to patch things up until we can transfer to the LFMTE script. We do appreciate your patience and sticking with us while we get things done.

One of the things we have not been able to do the past couple of day is use our mailer. Again, Josh is working on it. We really do not know if it will be fixed by tomorrow or not. So Mark suggested I do a blog post to let folks know what is happening. Mark is always thinking! 🙂 I do miss sending out emails to our members. I have always found that our surfing is much better on the days that we mail.

So, Tomorrow is Commando Surf 35% at Tezak Traffic Power. Just surf Tezak Traffic Power and Traffic-Splash.

Here is some stuff yuou missed… 🙂

Everyday Essentials…

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    Johnathan Weberg Says:

    We all know you always are giving value and doing your best for the members and down-line in your programs!

    Great job updating your members and being there for them, I respect that a lot!

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