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Mike Paetzold back again here at Tony Tezak Says.. as part of The Old Bald Guy Blog Tour. Hope you are enjoying this series on list building and I would love to get your comments so dont be bashful and leave your comments below.

First a quick review. On Monday we discussed why you need a list and yesterday we talked about finding a product to sell to your list and then locating the people that would want that product. Today we will discuss how to entice those potential buyers to join your list.

Your research so far has shown you what problems your potential buyer has that they want solved. Now to create an ethical bribe or as my buddy Jerry Reeder would say bait that they need more than they fear giving you their email address.

Now this enticement (I try to be polite but it is really bait) can be in many different forms and the form will depend on how people consume information in that niche.

It can be a simple report in pdf format. You can easily create a word document with free software form Open Office and convert it to pdf. Now if you have Office you can create fancier documents and you can use a variety of other items to create your pdf with Adobe being the best but also the most expensive.

The big thing is to get it done and if you can only afford free just use Open Office. You can upgrade your tools as you make money. Here is a sample page where I give away a free pdf on Twitter.

Another thing you can do is create an mp3. You can do this on your computer with a simple microphone. If you have a better quality microphone such as some of the usb headsets the quality will be better but as long as it is good enough and you have quality information it will work.

You can use a conference line and do a quick call and download the mp3. Edit the file in Audacity to clean it up and you have an enticement to gather subscribers. Get it transcribed and you have made it even more valuable but you can just use the mp3. You can see a sample of this type of giveaway I did for information on membership sites here.

The final easy way to create your enticement, ethical bribe, bait (yes I used them all so you can decide what you want to call it) is to use a video. With a screen capture like Camtasia you can record a power point video, screen capture video as your gift. The ease of using new digital cameras like the Flip Camera will allow you to create a video interview or a talking head information video quite easily.

The thing is to create something that your target audience will want enough to be wiling to part with their email and give you permission to continue to contact them.

Now the real key is to create something NOW. You can make it better a you go but trying for perfection will keep you from ever getting it done.

Tomorrow we will talk about 3 page website you need to actually get people to subscribe to your list.

Remember one commenter will get rewarded during this series so leave your comments below and Ill be back (done in my best Arnold imitation) tomorrow.

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