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Dimes, Nickels, Referrals and Badges!

Roll Up Your Sleeves and get ready for some fun at Tezak Traffic Power. We’re giving away Dimes, Nickels, Active Referrals and Click Track Profit Badges!

Two big events which means lots of good quality traffic for your list building or business! Your home work for the day is to get your squeeze and splash pages in rotation at the 4 KRM Traffic Exchanges! So here goes…

*KRM’s Traffic Exchanges Autumn Leaves Event Kickoff!

September 24 to September 28th – Find the Autumn Leaves Page for Cash!

Tezak Traffic Power, Dragon Surf, Traffic-Splash, Fast Easy Traffic

Look for the Autumn Leaves Page Every day at all four exchanges – it will be hoarding coins.
*** 200 Nickel Prizes!
*** 100 Dime Prizes!

If you find the Autumn Leaves Page, it HAS to give you one of its prizes and yes, you can find it more than once! Just keep your eyes out for it! But don’t go yet here’s how you can win even MORE! Bring Your Friends And Get MORE!

There is strength in numbers, and when you get your friends hunting the Autumn Leaves Page with you you’ll get the same prizes they get every time THEY find the Autumn Leaves Page! Just use your special link provided below to convince your friends to come join the hunt and watch how fast the prizes start stacking up! Find as many Autumn Leaves Pages as you can!

The Autumn Leaves Page appears RANDOMLY because we like to keep you guessing! So keep your eyes peeled and don’t miss out!

*Plus something different!

Each TE will have a draw for 5 Winners of 1 Active Referral.

Each Day you Surf the 4 TEs during our Autumn Leaves Event gets you an entry into each TEs draw. The draw will be conducted on September 29th.

*PLUS, Social Shindigs at each TE

HUGE Discount on 3-Month Upgrades

During the Autumn Leaves Event , each of the KRM TEs will have a HUGE Discount on a 3-Month Upgrade, Plus a 2000 credit package. Let us Powerup your advertising effort by adding the full range of benefits of being upgraded in our traffic exchanges.

Of course, an upgrade will also increase your commissions on purchases. We’d love to send you commissions in the future.

*We have MORE CTP Badges – Through October 7th

We are participating in Click Track Profit’s Plus One Badge Hunt. These Badge Hunts are always fun and create lots of activity. We have five Badges you can grab…

1. Surf 111 pages at Tezak Traffic Power and you will see the Surf 111 Badge claim page.
2. Surf 333 pages at Tezak Traffic Power and you will see the Surf 333 Badge claim page.
3. Surf 555 page at Tezak Traffic Power and you will see the Surf 555 Badge claim page.
4. Just login to your Tezak Trafic Power account and the badge is at the bottom of the Member Home Page.
5. Subscribe to my Personal list. You will receive a link to claim the Subscribe Badge in the first email.

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