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Commando Surf will Change Traffic Exchanges

TE Command Post brings you Commando Surf. It will reward active users of traffic exchanges.

A couple of months ago, Super Surf had to disappear for technical reasons and since then came a flood of requests for a replacement and so here it is – bigger
and better and designed to get you LOTS of credits, Commando Surf is here!

So how does Commando Surf work? It’s a way to say thank you for surfing. Here is the short version…

The three main exchanges involved are…
Traffic-Splash, Tezak Traffic Power and Dragon Surf.

All you have to do to get extra credits for every click in all three exchanges is sync up with TE Command Post account just once, then you’re set for life!

Our state of the art system will detect that you are surfing all three and increase your surf ratio immediately.

Every week we will also add one or two featured guest exchanges so you can grab even more extra credits. First up is Max Traffic Pro. Right now you can get
an extra 30% credits for every click at all four exchanges.


Each of the featured guest exchanges will be able to keep the Commando Surf technology permanently if they choose and give you extra credits any time they wish. An extra 5%, 10%, 30% 50%, 100%, 200%. However much they like!

Since Things are just getting started and it’s a celebration you can earn 30% extra per click on all 4 exchanges when you surf all 4 today. This is on top of any credits you would normally be earning for surfing. At Tezak Traffic Power you will still win a prize every 15 pages surfed.

For more details about Commando Surf check out this post that explains it in more detail so you can started right away.

…or You can go straight here and use the simple
step by step wizard to get started.

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