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Lots of Good Information!

Tweet Lots of good information for you from Tezak Traffic Power land! Winners Quest… Did you know you can log into your TTP account, go to the Winners page, and Claim a Prize of 10 credits? Just for logging into your account! Pretty Simple! Just Do It! 🙂 What’s a Winners Quest? Simply put, it’s […]


A fresh Look & Commando Surf 25%!

Tweet Tezak Traffic Power got a fresh look with some new splash pages. It’s Commando Surf 25% today! Let’s Chat! With all that is happening in the TE world, we have lots to discuss. We’ll discuss all the changes happening at Tezak Traffic Power, We are moving on! Have a question for me? Come on […]


We been ‘boootified’!

Tweet Tezak Traffic Power has been ‘Boootified’! Jamison changed some of our splash pages in the Promo Tools area. Jamison does such great work! Our recommendation—get these splash pages out there working for you! They are new and fresh and folks will definitely notice! Webinar Replay You’ve heard me talk about […]


You’ll never lose anything with us!

Tweet We often see where members are worried they will lose things in their account if they go inactive. You will never lose anything at Tezak Traffic Power no matter how long you are inactive. We never pause your links for in-activity. We never freeze your commissions for being inactive. We’ll never send you an […]


Daily Essentials!

Tweet Everyday Essentials… It’s also a great day to get your Commando Surf on. Grab yourself an extra 10% credits per click when you Go Commando today. It’s the fast and easy way to earn more traffic in less time! New to Commando Surf…Start Here Find the Flags at Tezak Traffic Power We are hosting […]

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