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TE Pays Creating Lots of Excitement!

Tweet TE Pays launched 14 days ago. It’s Downline Building, List Building, Residual Income Building features are working. So how is Te Pays doing in these 14 days. As an owner, I love it! In 14 days it has brought in 104 referrals to Tezak Traffic Power. The Upgrade conversions are running at 14% too. […]


Filling in Downline Builders made EASY!

Tweet DLB Caddy makes filling in Downline Builders so easy and simple. Downline builders have been around for 10 years and more and only now, has someone thought of this… Do you know how many referrals you miss out on because you haven’t filled every slot you could have in every downline builder? Imagine… You […]


March Referrals!

Tweet In March 2016, 143 Tezak Traffic Power members brought in 592 Tezak Traffic Power referrals! Again Leads Leap was a strong performer. Personally, it has really added subscribers to my lists. By and large the best performers have been established programs that have been around for a number of years – good solid numbers […]


The KRM Bunny Surprises!

Tweet The KRM Bunny brings you the KRM Egg Hunt for Cash and some great Upgrade deals. When KRM has these special surf events traffic is always ‘Eggcellent’.  This means you the advertiser want your websites in rotation and all your Banner and Text Impressions assigned.  There are lots of eyes to view your ads. […]

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