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No Room for Growth in Traffic Exchanges?

Tweet I hear people all the time say your traffic exchange is too big everyone has already joined – NOT True! Well, that is not true and I have the proof! When we started our Race to 85,000 on June 2nd, we had 82,682. Today, we sit at 84,432. That’s 1,750 new members in 25 […]


Impact Wednesday – He is NUTS!

Tweet I am sitting around today and all of a sudden it hit me – Let’s make an IMPACT Today! Let’s make it a Traffic and Cash IMPACT type of day! Traffic IMPACT! On the Tezak Traffic Power Buy Ads all the Credit, Banner Impression, Text Ad Impressions and List Ad Impression packages are 2 […]


WooHoo! Click Fred Traffic joins Commando Surf

Tweet You can now earn a minimum of 10% extra traffic at Click Fred Traffic using Commando Surf. Surfing the three main exchanges that are part of Command Surf, Traffic-Splash, Tezak Traffic Power, and Dragon Surf.There will also be other guests participating so you will be able to earn extra at more than just the […]


My Father’s Day

Tweet Yesterday was absolutely one of the best Father’s Days ever. Just wanted to share a bit of it with you. There is another side of me. lol! I started off opening some gifts and a card from my wife. The card had a saying which I think kind of sums up the wishes of […]


We’re Keeping them Up

Tweet Tezak Traffic Power had some great credit/impression deal up this weekend. We are keeping them up today too! 🙂 In my haste to celebrate Father’s Day, I did not have the upgrade login offer up yesterday – My bad! So that special upgrade offer has just been activated. You can view all the offers […]

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