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The Treasure Map, The Pirate and The Money…..

Tweet On August 4th, there’s a new launch happening for something called “Clickbank Pirate” Mark that date in your calendar right now!  You’ll want to be up bright and early! Pillaging Soren Jordansen & Plundering Cindy Battye gave me a preview of their new Treasure! I nearly fell off the gang plank – Stunning! What […]


Internet Business Tutorials – FREE

Tweet “Internet Business Tutorials” You get 23+ business building tutorial videos. All for FREE! These are Not crappy rehashed hard to follow guides, but full-color, watch-and-learn VIDEO tutorials for every aspect of setting up and running a PROFITABLE internet business. Even though this set of videos are completely free, I highly recommend that you pay […]


5 Traffic Exchanges to Give Away….

Tweet Saturday, July 25th 5 traffic exchanges are combining to give away $700 in a surf promo. $700 Up for Grabs… *************** Here’s the Prizes: Traffic Splash giving away 4 $70 Prizes Tezak Traffic Power giving away 3 $70 Prizes Max Traffic Pro giving away 10 $7 Prizes Traffic Gold Rush giving away 10 $7 […]


Tezak Traffic Power Welcomes it’s 10,000 Member!

Tweet In 14 days, Tezak Traffic Power traffic exchange has exploded into 10,000 members.  The 10,000th Tezzer joined at 1022AM EST today.  The effort of so many has been responsible for its rapid growth.  I thank all Tezzer where ever you are! It really is the place to have your ads seen – these people […]


More News from Tezak Traffic Power

Tweet Happenings at Tezak Traffic Power traffic exchange! 9730 member as of this morning 🙂  We love every one of those Tezzers! *************** Over 106,000 Credits added!  These were credits earned by Tezzers for the surfing of their referrals.  From now on,  Tezzers automatically will get their percentage of credits for every page your referrals […]

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