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A Traffic Exchange Guy Talks Safelists

Tweet I attend conferences every week and often Soren Jordansen is present and safelists will usually come up in the conversations.  Soren’s ideas about using safelist are in his guide, The Ultimate Safelist Survival Guide. I have not always followed Soren’s ideas about safelists :).  Boy, have I lost out! Finally, I decided to seriously […]


Traffic Exchange Impressions Gathering Dust?

Tweet Hopefully you have gathered up the Instant Banner Creator already.  There certainly have been many emails about it.  Nothing like a unique banner to place in traffic exchanges or safelists. It certainly makes banner creation sooooooo easy. Now, that you have joined and have made some banners, Put them to use.  I was in […]


All About Time Management

Tweet If you’re like most people your plate is full and you just can’t find the time to do it all.  How about some great time management tips? Sunny Suggs’ free report shows you HOW to manage your time… and how others are doing it! Why Sunny even let’s me give some tips in the […]


Instant Banner Creator Launches

Tweet Every once in awhile something new comes on the scene that make you stop any say ‘WOW.’   Instant Banner Creator is something I could have used 10 years ago and saved bundles of money. John Merrick and Soren Jordansen just released their new program called Instant Banner Creator.  It allows us to create our […]


The King of Traffic Exchanges Speaks

Tweet So many people using traffic exchanges just flounder around with no direction or plan to really make any money online.   They continually pogo stick through cyberspace from program to program.  Well, Jon Olson, the ‘King of Traffic Exchanges’, give you a very simple plan and a budget to get started down the right […]

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