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#1 Ranked Traffic Exchange Plus…

Traffic Exchange world is so busy – Lots happening!

Tezak Traffic Power has been ranked #1 at TE Hoopla for the third straight week. Our members are the greatest. Their activity is what makes this happen. Out side of our membership TE Hoopla is a great resource for new referrals at Tezak Traffic Power.

All during our March Madness campaign, we have bee offering the lowest priced upgrade login offer since our launch in 2009. This particular Discounted Price ends March 19th. This price will not be offered again until 2013. So NOW is the time to get upgraded in the #1 ranked traffic exchange. This upgrade pays 50% commissions on upgrades and 25% on credit and impression purchases.

Don Snyder’s Horror Movie Hits was just added to Commando Surf. So that means you can now earn 10% extra credits with every click while surfing it in Commando Surf. Did you know that Don gives you 100 credits per active referral you receive, plus he’ll give you $3.00 in your cash account every time you reach 10 referrals. If you are not a member of Horror Movie Hits, do yourself a favor and join.

In other traffic exchange news, Blain and Shane of BAD Marketing just took over Traffic at the Races from Steve Ayling. It will be interesting to see what Blain and Shane do with Traffic at the Races

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4 Responses to “#1 Ranked Traffic Exchange Plus…”

  1. 1
    Mark Hodgetts Says:

    I’m not surprised TTP is ranked well at Hoopla. It is a great advertising resource that provides real value to professional advertisers and surfers.
    TTP is one of the few exchanges where I maintain a presence. It hasn’t lost site of what a Traffic Exchange is intended to be and offers real value as an advertising platform.

  2. 2
    Tony Tezak Says:

    @Mark Hodgetts – Hi Mark, Very much appreciate your comments. We try hard! 🙂 It’s members like you that make us #1 🙂 Cheers! Tony

  3. 3
    marlene moore Says:

    we always knew you were #1 Tony it just takes some people a little longer to notice then most LOL we love ya keep up the great work.

  4. 4
    Tony Tezak Says:

    @marlene moore – Hi Mo – Thanks for stopping by! It’s Tezzers just like yourself who make it happen and I appreciate YOU! 🙂 Cheers! Tony

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