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1.1 Billion Emails sent at…

State of the Art Mailer has been online for over 5 years and sent over 1.1 Billion emails for its members.

Sometimes with all the buzz about this new mailer, that new mailer,the latest owner who is going to do whatever for the world of mailers, we forget about the mailers that have proven ownership and have been delivering emails for over 5 years. On of those mailers is State of the Art Mailer.

Brad Webb and Paul Coonan are owners with a proven track record of delivering emails for their members. No worries about not getting paid with them. They have been paying commissions for years and on time, every time. I know this because I am paid regularly!

They have a large, active membership base of over 31,000 and I am able to mail to 30,000. Not only do I get good click through rates here, but more importantly I get subscribers or referrals EVERY time I mail. If I were to name the ‘must have mailer’ you should have in your advertising arsenal, It would be State of the Art Mailer.

Check out these serious numbers….

– Over 30,000 members
– Operating for over 5 years
– NEVER a missed payment during that time
– Over 1 billion emails sent since launch
– Over 1/4 of million in commissions earned by members
– High commission potential
– Multiple membership levels available

Brad and Paul offer 5 different paid membership levels. Each level has an impressive list of benefits. Each of these membership levels are well worth their cost. You can’t go wrong here!

As a free member you can mail to 3,000 every 5 days!

Now I am not going to go into the large list of features they offer their members. You can read all about them on the State of the Art Mailer sales page.

Get in this top ranked monster that has stood the test of time and continues to get larger and more active after every year.

Email Marketing Evolved!

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