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TE Headquarters Launches!

With the launch of TE Headquarters, Barry Langdon just gave traffic exchange surfers some valuable new tools.

These days, lots do and it can be kind of frustrating trying to keep track of the traffic exchanges you surf. Guess what? The frustration ends now! Let me introduce to you…
Traffic Exchange Headquarters!

Traffic Exchange Headquarters provides tools and services to traffic exchange owners and surfers like you!

One of their tools is called a Daily Task Manager. The daily task manager allows you to easily keep track of some of the top traffic exchanges you surf with the simple click of a button. PLUS you can get rewarded for doing so!

But that’s not all!

Traffic Exchange Headquarters also has some other powerful tools like the Hit Distributor, Personal Brander, Top Traffic Exchanges and the valuable traffic exchange Reports!

We are proud that Barry sees value in Tezak Traffic Power by including it his new program. Thanks Barry!

Want to jump ahead of the pack in the traffic exchange industry? Then you need to join TE Headquarters right now!

Put TEHQ to work for you! You will not only start making money online, you will have fun doing it! It is time you stop chasing the crowd, take the lead with TE Headquarters!

Make a residual income right here at TEHQ, up to 40% commissions! Plus, the access to tools that help you make money in traffic exchanges!

Join TE Headquarters


Where to get Referrals and TE Rankings

Where have the Tezak Traffic Power referrals come from and the Affiliate Funnel traffic exchange rankings updated.

Following are the top 10 domains where our members signed up new referrals for the past six months.

TE Hoopla – 618

Traffic Hoopla – 426

TE Command Post – 372

Click Track Profit – 238

Affiliate Funnel – 221

Traffic-Splash – 174

ViralMailProfits – 131

AdHitProfits – 120

Traffic Swirl – 115

EasyHits4U – 100

The Hoopla family of sites are especially valuable to Tezak Traffic Power. They have brought in 1044 referrals to Tezak Traffic power in the past six months. The important thing with the Hoopla Family of sites is to fill in your referral ids in the downline builder and to use their ranking pages to build your downlines in those programs.

Hopefully these numbers will give you some idea on where you might want to spend your time using or promoting. Especially some traffic exchanges to put our ads and some mailer you might want to be using.

Affiliate Funnel: New Rankings…Some Very Interesting Results

The Affiliate Funnel Rankings are in, and I must say that I am pleasantly surprised! The new Drag & Drop ranker makes it possible for members to vote for more than one exchange per day, and we’re getting in quite a mountain of stats by way of your votes!

So go on, check out the TE Rankings and then log in to Affiliate Funnel and cast your vote. It’s quick and easy, and it gives your voice the power to be heard! We want to know which exchanges are working for you!

Affiliate Funnel

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Traffic Exchange Rankings – Meaningful?

Each traffic exchange ranker has its own way of determining rankings. Tezak Traffic Power has consistently ranked well in any ranking system.

Much to my delight! :)

Tezak Traffic Power is ranked #2 at Affiliate Funnel. It’s rankings are determined by surfers voting for their favorite traffic exchange. Affiliate Funnel’s top 5 traffic exchanges are:

1. Easy Hits 4U
2. Tezak Traffic Power
3. Traffic Swirl
4. Froggy Hits
5. Traffic Splash

Tezak Traffic Power is ranked #2 at TE Hoopla. Bill Carr and his team has been ranking traffic exchanges for years. TE Hoopla’s top 5 traffic exchanges are:

1. Hit2Hit
2. TezakTrafficPower
3. TrafficAdBar
4. TrafficG
5. TrafficSwirl

The third ranking system I like to look at is Tim Linden’s Traffic Exchange List. One of Tim’s columns is the Alexa ranking that you can sort (the lower the Alexa ranking is best). So if you click on that column, it sorts the TEs by Alexa ranking. What I like about Alexa is that it is not connected to traffic exchanges in any way. Sorted by Alexa ranking , Tim shows the top 5 traffic exchangs:

1. EasyHits4u
2. TrafficG
3. StartXchange
4. Traffic Swirl
5. Tezak Traffic Power

What does all of this mean. Plain and simple – it means no matter how rankings are determined – Tezak Traffic Power is a mighty fine traffic exchange. :)

These rankings also show those struggling with traffic exchanges or are new to traffic exchanges that these nine traffic exchanges above might be a good starting point. But the only real measure of good traffic is by tracking all of your ads. Unfortunately, most surfers do not track their ads. So in reality, most surfers do not know which TEs are the best.

During July, we have an Anniversary Upgrade login offer. It really is a fantastic opportunity to upgrade at a very nice price in our mighty fine traffic exchange. We did this offer in a different way. We show you a slide by side comparison of our four membership levels. These offers disappear at midnight CST, July 31st. Why not upgrade in the best, promote us, and maybe you will be one of those we send commissions on MassPayMonday! I truly love Mondays – it is fun putting money in the hands of our members.

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WOW! Look at the Bonuses for this Launch!

I have something different for you today: Introducing List Punk from Ryan Hogan!

****NOTE: It Launches at Noon EDT today. Signup form will not be activated until then! :)

Get in quick, because these won’t last long..

The first 500 members who Join List Punk can grab 2.00! Enter promo code: 2BUCKS. PLUS…
Enter promo code: PUNKROCK to receive a 1,000 credit bonus! Read on for more Bonuses!

Ryan has over 13 years experience online and puts that to work for you. List Punk is sure to be huge and will continue to grow for years to come.

List Punk is the marketer’s mailer. No wimpy affiliate commissions, trinkets, and no monthly fees! All Upgraded Membership levels are LIFETIME!

Choose the membership that’s right for you or become the next TOP PUNK and rock the biggest hawk! You’ll see what I mean once you join.

Now here’s where it gets real good…

*No Monthly Fees!
*All Memberships Are Lifetime
*Designed for Maximum Sustainability and Deliverability
*Unique, Icon Hunt Game for Weekly Cash and Ad Prizes
*’Steal a Site’ Feature For Bonus Credits
*Promo Codes
*Unread Mails Area
*Login Spotlight Ads
*Square Banners
*Mailer Reset Feature
*Visible, Site-Wide Advertising

***Personal Bonuses…

1. Join under me, Verify your account and I’ll transfer 200 Credits.
2. Take a LIFETIME Uprade and get 500 Credits. NOTE: My Personal Bonuses EXPIRE on July 31st!
3. All of my UPGRADED referrals will be entered into a draw for ONE WINNER of $50.00. Winner will be announced on August 1st 2014.

List Punk

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Extra Credits with Every Click!!

TE Command Post’s Commando Surf joins in Tezak Traffic Power’s 5th Anniversary Celebration.

Many of the Commando Surf traffic exchanges join us in the next three days of Tezak Traffic Power’s 5th Anniversary Celebration. Commando Surf is Workin’ the Random!

We thought we’d make your next 3 days a bit more rewarding and exciting by adding a bit of mystery to your surf session! The Commando Surf bonus will randomly give you an extra 15% to 55% when you Go Commando! It’s the smart way to earn more credits in less time, and with that random bonus, each click could earn you more than the last!

All of these Commando Surf traffic exchanges are quality traffic exchanges with owners who take care of their members. With Commando Surf you will always get at least 10% extra credits with every click. Commando Surf is a valuable resource for your advertising. Commando Surf’s “Today’s Bonuses” page always tells you what extra percentage you will get from these traffic exchanges.

New to Commando Surf? Start Here!

Every day this month the Tezak Traffic Power’s Bonus Page is loaded with Cash, Credit and Impression Prizes. For example every day on the Bonus page there will be 50 Winners of $0.05 Cash, 55 Credits, 55 Banners, 55 Texts, List Ads

Remember it only take one referral to be eligible for the 5th Anniversary Celebration Referral Contest Draw!

We already have 60 members who have qualified for the draw. You can always take a peek at the standings in the referral contest by visiting the Tezak Traffic Power’s “Contests” page. You’ll find “Contests” on our menu in the member’s area.

Commando Surf Extra Credits

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It’s a Celebration!

Tezak Traffic Power, a manual traffic exchange, celebrates its 5th Anniversary on July 9th. We celebrate every day during July. There will be lots of “5s” in the activities. :)

I looked at last years emails and we were having our Race to 85,000 for the run up to our 4th Anniversary. We made it and had a bit over 85k on July 9th, 2014. We now have over 103,000 members. So we have grown by 18,000 members in the past year. Excellent Growth! So many Tezzers are responsible for the growth. I appreciate every one of you. Also, in the past year your activity has kept us in the Top 10 for another year at TE Hoopla and Affiliate Funnel. Again Thank You! :)

*Celebration Surfing Events

We are doing surfing events with lots of different traffic exchanges and Command Surf TEs during July. We like dealing with everyone in the TE World. CLICK HERE for the complete schedule.

In addition to all of the Prizes included in these surf events, on our Bonus page every day in July will be…

**50 Winners of $0.05 Cash, 55 Credits, 55 Banners, 55 Texts, List Ads

*5th Anniversary ADOne-Ten Sticker

Yes, we have a Sticker for the month of July. You can collect the Sticker once each day after viewing 200 pages. You just click on the Sticker when it appears at page 200 to collect the Sticker and the $0.02 Cash Prize. The Cash will be deposited in you ADOne-Ten account. You will have to be a member of ADOne-Ten to collect the prize.

*Click Track Profit 5th Anniversary Badge

Yes, we have a Badge for the month of July. You can collect the Badge once each day after viewing 255 pages. You just click on the Badge when it appears at page 255 to collect the Badge. You will have to be a member of Click Track Profit to collect the Badge.

*TE Command Post’s Commando Surf

Each Tuesday is normally 35% Commando Surf at Tezak Traffic Power, but during July each Tuesday will be…
15% Minimum and Maximum 55% extra credits with every click at Tezak Traffic Power.

On the 7th,8th and 9th of July several of the Command Surf TEs will join us in celebration with 15% Minimum and Maximum 55% extra credits with every click. The ‘Today’s Bonuses‘ page will always tell you what the Commando Surf Percentage is for each of the Commando Surf traffic exchanges.

*Celebration Prizes for Referring New Members

We will have a Referral Contest that starts on July 1st and runs through July 31st. Refer at least one member to be eligible for these Prizes. Each member you refer gets you one ticket into the random draw. The more referrals you have the more tickets you have in the draw. All Cash Prizes will be added to your Tezak Traffic Power Account. There will be 41 Winners in all!

**10 Winners of $10.00
**10 Winners of 1000 Credits and 1000 Banner/Text/List Ad Impressions
**10 Winners of a 2-month Power Pro Tezzer II Upgrade
**10 Winners of 1 ACTIVE Referrals

Plus, if you finish in the top 50 referrers there will be a drawing…
*1 Winner of $50.00

You can follow our member count and see who is in the top 50 for referrals. Just click on ‘Contests’ on our menu in the members area.

Good Luck! This should be fun!

To assist you in advertising Tezak Traffic Power we have a Celebration Splash page for you to use. You can find it on the Promo Tools page…

Just replace ‘ttiger’ with your username.
**IMPORTANT**I don’t like mentioning this but someone will try to game the referral contest. It always happens. PAID TO SIGNUP Referrals ARE NOT ALLOWED in this Referral Contest.

*Celebration Special Offers

During July there will be daily Login Offers for…
Monthly Upgrades at prices never before offered. The Login Offers will be a side by side comparison of each of our membership levels.
There will be various Credit/Impression Packages offered throughout the month as a login offer.

Just log into you account each day to see these special offers. When you login each day don’t forget to claim your 10 Credits on the “Winners‘ page.

Do come and join us in our month-long celebration.


Let’s Do It Again!

Last weekend’s Bonus for upgrading was a complete success. We’re doing it again!

Tezak Traffic Power’s Weekend Specials – June 20, 21 and 22

First, We want you upgraded and earning!

Our Login offer is a Junster of a Deal! If you are not upgraded, login and you will see a page that compares our 4 membership levels. Each membership level is compared side by side. We think we have an upgrade that will fit anyone’s pocketbook. Just login and take a look – Looking cost nothing. :)

Here’s the Weekend Bonus for you!

June 20, 21 and 22 – If you purchase one of the Junster Upgrades, send in a support ticket with “I purchased a Junster Upgrade” in it. I will add a Bonus of $2.00, 200 Credits, 200 Banners, 200 Texts to your account.

Second, we have 2000 Credits for $6.00 on our Buy Ads page. BUY NOW because I won’t sell to m any at this price. This Special could be taken down at any time.

We are busy setting up our 5th Anniversary Celebration for the entire month of July. We have some big surprises for you and it will be an entire month of fun. Watch for the blog post next week outlining all of the happenings. :)

One last thought. How about doing me a favor this weekend while you are surfing. Click on a Splash page, Banner Ad, Text Ad, Letter Ad, or List Ad to actually see what one of our advertisers has to offer. Maybe even sign up to someone’s List to see what they offer, you can always unsubscribe if it is not what you are looking for. That’s why we are in the traffic exchange business – an inexpensive means for folks to advertise.

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It’s a Power Tool Hunt! And Lots More!

The KRM Family of Traffic Exchanges is having a Power Tool Hunt for Cash on Saturday, Sunday and Monday! It should be lots of Fun!

June 14, 15 and 16th – The KRM Family of TEs are having an Father’s Day Weekend Power Tool Hunt for Cash!

Tezak Traffic Power, Dragon Surf, Traffic-Splash,Fast Easy Traffic

You’ll need to be a member of TE Command Post to claim the Cash Prizes. Each TE will have 5 Power Tools in rotation. One Power Tool for each TE and one for TE Command Post.

When you click on each Power Tool you will be taken to TE Command Post to claim your Power Tool. Find any Power Tool and win a random Cash Prize ranging from $0.01 to $0.06! Collect all five Power Tools and you can win a Cash Prize ranging from $0.05 to $1.00. Again, all Prize money is added to your TE Command Post account.

Oh I forgot The Power Tools will show about every 51 pages surfed.

PLUS, Since all 4 traffic exchanges are in Commando Surf, you will always get an extra 10% Credits with every click!

PLUS, Social Shindigs! Youll always get extra credits during a Social Shindig Share the Shindig and get even more credits with every click!

PLUS, Our Bonus pages are loaded with Surprises!

Happy Power Tool Hunting!

Tezak Traffic Power Father’s Day Weekend Specials – June 13, 14, 15 and 16

First, We want you upgraded and earning!

Our Login offer is a Junster of a Deal! If you are not upgraded, login and you will see a page that compares our 4 membership levels. Each membership level is compared side by side. We think we have an upgrade that will fit anyone’s pocketbook. Just login and take a look – Looking cost nothing. :)

Here’s the Father’s Day Weekend part of it!

June 13, 14, 15, and 16 Saturday and Sunday – If you purchase one of the Junster Upgrades, send in a support ticket with “I purchased a Junster Upgrade” in it. I will add $2.00, 200 Credits, 200 Banners, 200 Texts to your account.

Second, we have 1000 Credits for $4.00 on our Buy Ads page. That price will ONLY be up for the next 4 day!

Saturdays are Affiliate Funnel Time

Working online is one of the best things in the world, but nothing matches the feeling you get in the pit of your stomach when you see your hard work destroyed or hijacked.

Let’s face it, internet security is one of those things you really don’t want to skimp on, because you put quite a bit into your efforts, and for most of us, pieces of our hearts and souls as well.

Nothing is worse than seeing your Skype account hacked and worrying about how that hacker is abusing your contacts, or going to your blog only to find that it is not there, or horribly infected thanks to the idle hands of miscreants!

But there are steps you can take to protect yourself and your business from these nuisances, and we’ll be sharing them Saturday, over at Affiliate Funnel, at 12 Noon EST. Join us as we share some very simple and cost effective ways to safeguard your hard work, and maintain a smooth working business despite the troubles that are out there.

Topic – How Secure is Your Business?

Speaker – The Lovely Marci Jones

Join Us at the AF Spreecast At 12 Noon EST this Saturday

How Does Your Best Performing TEe Rank – The Surfers Voted!

The Affiliate Funnel traffic exchange ranker has been updated.

Just a hint for those trying to build downlines in traffic exchanges. The Affiliate Funnel Top 10 splash page is very effective for grabbing some TE referrals.

I must admit I especially like the #1 TE. :)

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Upgraded and Earning at Tezak Traffic Power!

We want you upgraded and earning at Tezak Traffic Power!

The Tezak Traffic Power Login offer is a ‘Junster of a Deal’! If you are not upgraded, login and you will see a page that compares our 4 membership levels – Free, Special Tezzer II, Power Pro Tezzer II and our very best upgrade – Enterprize Infinite Pro Tezzer II. Each membership level is compared side by side. We think we have an upgrade that will fit anyone’s pocketbook. Just login and take a look – Looking cost nothing. :)

Our Enterprize Infinite Pro Tezzer II upgraded includes 2,000 Credits, 3,000 Banner Impressions, 3,000 Text Impressions, and 3000 List Ad Impressions every month. That is a lot of advertising power. There are not many upgrades in traffic exchanges that can beat that! I’ll say “none” because they do not have List Ads. :)

I am feeling a bit nutty LOL!

Let’s see if I can sweeten the pot for this weekend! Friday, Saturday and Sunday – If you purchase one of the Junster Upgrades, send in a support ticket with “I purchased a Junster Upgrade” in it. I will add $1.00, 100 Credits, 500 Banners, 500 Texts to your account.

Maybe I can bribe you to login. :)

Friday, Saturday and Sunday – you’ll get 20 Credits just for logging in at Tezak Traffic Power. All you have to do is login and Click the ‘Winners’ link on the menu and Claim your login Prize. Pretty Simple for getting 20 Credits to advertise your link. :)

Tezak Traffic Power

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Where did May’s Referrals come from?

I thought it was time to show you where Tezak Traffic Power’s members got referrals in May 2014.

These are the top 15 places where our member’s got Tezak Traffic Power referrals in May. These 15 sites brought us 318 referrals in May.

TE/Traffic Hoopla – 73
TE Command Post – 39
Affiliate Funnel – 31
Click Track Profit – 21
Traffic Codex – 19
Traffic-Splash – 17
World Profits – 16
State of the Art Mailer – 15
Hit 2 Hit – 15
Traffic Swirl – 14
Easy Hits 4 U – 13
Website Traffic Hog – 13
TE Profits – 11
Traffic Exchange List – 11
Start Xchange – 10

You can see why I am so excited about Downline Builders. Month after month, Downline Builders have been our #1 resource for Tezak Traffic Power members. Members who come from downline builders seem to be quite active. And Speaking of Downline Builders…

Have you seen Marty Petrizza’s recently launched – Downline Builder Elite – It is so very much Elite! Marty has over 800 programs to which you can enter your referral ids. You can tell I have been around awhile. :) I have filled in 426 referral ids.

As MArty adds new programs, DownLine Builder Elite has the ability to fill in all your ids in sites across the net automatically. Keeping these ids updated is essential to earnings, and filling all these in to all the new sites you may join is tedious. I needed her program 15 years ago.

I won’t go into all the details, I’ll let Marty tell you all about it at Downline Builder Elite.

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